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The adult community websites overlap with many other areas of what we do, such as the video-sharing technology we offer, adult dating websites and photo/gallery websites.

Adult community websites are usually structured into category areas, where members can look for other members in a particular category who share the same interests or are located in the same city or just plain fancy the pants off one another! From there, the choice of what goes on is up to you and the users of your site!

Your members or users could share videos with each other, post discussion threads in the blog or forum, direct them to your blog or vlog, also send messages via the forum or live chat with other members. This is what creates and builds upon the community side of things and the social networking.

Users can check out profiles and are able to see each others likes and dislikes.

As far as the user's profile goes | videos can be uploaded and any other information that tells other members or users what you want them to know. Users can choose what people see about them, what's private and what's not. Some things that you're saving for those selected few can be shared with only your address book etc.

The whole beauty of a community or social networking site is that you can get to a lot of information about members and fast. See who online, check out member lists or search for favourites. The beauty is having access to all the information you need in the easiest way possible. It works the same way as other popular social networking sites, except of course it's of an adult nature.

The end result is that your users can create a network of all their best and favourite stuff | profiles, videos, favourites, messages and friends.

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