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Video chat can be used in a number of different ways. The interface can be branded according to your (website) needs and how you like it. You can select users and interact directly with them by live chat. You can see who is online, and then enter into a private or public chat with them. It's could also be possible to create various 'themed' rooms, which enables users to chat with others who have similar interests to them. You can set the number of users for your chat room from 5 to unlimited! This is your choice and your social network.

This technology can also be linked in with other parts of a video-sharing website for example, such as the forum, member's lists etc. You can see who is online and then start a live chat with them this way. You could also start chatting with other users / members from viewing their profile or selecting their username from the video-sharing area, if you want to chat to them about video's they have uploaded that you like etc.

If you prefer, each user can change the settings and style of the chat interface, send images and links of your recent videos too.

You will need suitable hosting to ensure all users have the same experience with no loss of performance when using live chat. We can also help you with hosting for live chat too.

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