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At Adult Site Web Design we have video-sharing technology that allows users to upload their favourite videos and share them with their community / social network. You can upload any files, such as MP3, your digital camera movies, mobile phone videos etc to a particular area, category or 'channel'. Our technology will then convert the file into Flash movie file to be displayed on the web.

You can then share you videos (publicly or privately) with other website members or users. It's also possible to have your own 'My Videos' area with a video rating system for users to rate their favourites and post comments to other users through their own inbox and account. And so creating a networking structure and possibilities; chat, blog, forums, live-chat (using a Flash-based chat interface), and vlogs.

You will need suitable hosting to ensure all users have the same experience with no loss of performance when sharing a lot of videos. We can also help you with hosting for your video-sharing website too.

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