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A photo-based or image-based site does exactly what it says on the tin!

The websites can be as simple or as complex as you like. It really is a showcase of good quality images. If there are many, we recommend displaying them in the form of slide-shows. These slide-shows can be xhtml, html or Flash-based.

Adult websites especially are all about the photos and images. People do not want to scroll through mounds of text to get what they want; they want to see the good stuff in the form of pictures and images.

We work really closely with our graphic designers here to get the results you're looking for. Again this could be displaying profile pictures. Or you may want to display various 'themed' galleries or different galleries of categories for the end-user to browse and find their favourite pics.

It's important the user can get to the photos quickly and seamlessly. And so our photo-based sites are built with usability for the user in mind. This incorporates the lay-out of the site through to the text and content.

We have lots of clever tricks and ways of displaying multiple images. You can incorporate Flash, to give a smooth scrolling through the images or display a really professional slide-show tool. We also use Flash to produce great hover-over effects displaying larger images from smaller thumbnails.

As you know, it's all about the images and getting it right is an important part of what you do.

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