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Streaming Video Content

Sell yourself with your own professional video

Videos really do sell. A professional, sexy video of you for your website or other professional websites

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One of the main areas we excel in at Adult Site Web Design, is video.

There are a number of different technologies we use to ensure a high standard of quality, high performance video-based websites.

Video can be displayed either in the web page itself or the video can be downloaded into a desktop player, such as windows media player or Real Player. Additionally, you can embed security into the movies, such as Digital Rights Management (DRM). What this means, is that you can watch the movie on your desktop and the movie checks your login as you start the movie. This helps prevent fraudulent copy of movies and also ensures only you can watch the movie.

A video site is where you upload flash-based videos for the members of your site. Here, you're responsible for the quality of the video content and publish and upload the videos. You can have the technology to convert the videos you make.

As with all the websites we build and projects we take on, project management is how we continue to provide our clients with the high standard of quality and delivery on each individual project, big or small.

We'll be honest and let you know what is achievable on your budget or not.

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